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Naomi Oiver

Naomi Oiver has an art practice based in digital video and animation, coding, sound, and performance art. Her current work investigates defects in technology, such as corrupted digital imagery, as well as flaws in psychology, the body and our environment. This includes the memorialisation and exposure of digital and analog errors, as well as the intentional creation of glitches and distortions through various means, such as data-bending programs (where image files are manipulated using software designed to edit files of a different format) and coding Javascript animations.

Most recently exhibited works include the lenticular print Holo/Halo, 2019, which won Highly Commended at 'The Fishers Ghost Art Award' 2020, and Monochrome Monitor (Green On Black), Javascript drawing program, 2020, shown as part of a National Art School online drawing exhibition 'Drawing On Line', curated by Dr Ben Denham.