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Have you ever watched a film and found yourself crying or laughing without warning and wondered ‘how did they make that happen’? Was it the music, was it the picture? 

Juxta is your chance to find out for yourself.

Juxta is an interactive game, but your weapons of choice are two minute video and sound works, and your challenge is to create emotional magic. You don't need to sign up or log in, just bring your imagination. In Juxta everyone is welcome, everyone is equal and everyone is both artist and audience.

Juxta is designed to be played on Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. The Player will not work on Safari.

Juxta originated and was conceived in 2020 by Felix Cross and Katrina Douglas during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to bring together artists and audiences during a time of isolation and disconnection.

This version of Juxta features 26 artists who have each created a two minute sound or video work in response to the theme of WATER. The content and style of their work was driven by their individual visions and each tells its own story. However, when you mix two works together... magic happens.

Juxta, we've only just begun.

Thank You

Juxra is co-produced by Felix Cross and Katrina Douglas in collaboration with
ATYP, Bankstown Arts Centre, The House That Dan Built and The Q.

Juxta's game site was designed and constructed by Open World Arcade,
aka Atlas Talisman, Audrey Lane and Kahlil Calavas.

Juxta is proudly supported by the City of Sydney through their Cultural Grants Program.