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Mohammad Awad

Mohammad is a Queer/Arab/Muslim and Writer/Artist/Musician/Poet who’s running out of ways to express himself.

Published in an anthology series Arab, Australian, Other among writers such as Sara Saleh and Randa Abdel-Fattah as well as The University of Sydney Student Anthology Diversity. He has been featured in the Daily Telegraph, Honi-Soit magazine, and is a Bankstown Poetry Grand Slam finalist for three consecutive years. Mohammad is a NSW State finalist in 2019s Australian Poetry Slam, taking first place in Western Sydney finals. He has also featured in the Sydney Writers Festival, Word in Hand, Red Room Poetry, Giant Dwarf Theatre, Westside Slam, Enough Said Slam, Weave Youths’ Mad Pride Concert, White Ribbon events and Project Opinions, in addition to being featured on ABC and SBS television, ABC Radio, SBS Radio, Eastside Radio, 2SER and FBI Radio.